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Ok, I think I've found the change that could potentially throw out Unit Tracking. Not that the above is a bad thing, except that my unit tracking would idle a Unit when Unit.Detail was nil. Simply put, my work around to no internal tracking, is now broken due to their actually being internal unit tracking. It won't be a complete re-write, but it should cut down on CPU cycles and improve performance (I'm guessing that is why the above was implemented in to the API, that or swarm pets).Anyhow, I'll be tracking AddWatch today and keep you posted on a fix.
The intended way to see whether a unit has information available or not is Event.Unit.Available/Event.Unit.Unavailable. There's only two situations where this is unreliable: Inspect.Unit.Detail("player") is always guaranteed to return at least a few pieces of valid data, and the new exception inside Combat messages where the units involved are available for that event and no more.It *should* be 100% reliable, as long as you start your tracking during the addon startup sequence. If it's not, that's a bug, let me know
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