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This is also true with Withering Flames. I'm assuming since these abilities are channeled they have a different code that currently excludes them from pushback reducing abilities such as Fiery Concentration and Lightning Rod.
Yeah this would be pretty much the same issue. I'm working on getting some help to make the fix for it possible/easier, but I don't have a timeline on it at the moment.
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The channel bar does not show up when casting Lightning Storm on occasion. Happened again last night 2 times on trash in ID. I was running SC/Pyro at the time. I know you were looking at this at one point, but it is still happening.
If anyone knows a way to have this happen reliably I would love to hear how. It's proving very difficult to track down since it seems to only happen randomly.
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I'm not convinced this is a bug per se... More like a quirk in the system. Archon is both support and dps, so if your other 15 points are in dps souls like lock or ele, your overall "total" is higher on dps than support. It really depends on how you specifically allocate your points.
The problem with the role icons is really an issue with how the system that determines the icon is set up. I'm looking into what changes can be done to fix it so you get the expected icon without causing any additional issues.
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