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Hey all, Sorry for my absence lately. Iíve been working on some upcoming things and have been neglecting updates to the forums. Iíll work on keeping you all better informed. Thanks Jack Burton for starting up the thread when I was slow on the draw. Hereís my latest list of issues. As usual, Iím sure Iíve missed things, feel free to bring them back up.
  • Flame Jet doesnít work when used in a macro.
    This should be fixed now. Let me know if youíre still seeing it.
  • Earth damage from Elemental Forces wonít cause Icy Carapace to explode.
    This is actually something that probably will not see a fix anytime soon. I know whatís happening but there isnít a straight forward way of fixing it. Iím worried about putting together a crazy fix for it and having the fix cause more issues than it solves.
  • Depending on your build, your role icon can be incorrect (Chloro and Archon in particular)
    This slid off my list for a while. Iíll go harass people again about changing this.
  • Grasping Void is useless in PVP.
    Stuff in the works on this. Not ready to give details just yet, but Iíll let you know as soon as things are more solid.
  • Warlock Magical Affinity doesnít increase the Charge gained from Void Life.
    Iíll bump this up on my list. Itís been sitting here for a while.
  • Disorient doesnít apply damage if the target is immune to CC.
    This is another one that probably wonít get a fix any time soon. There still isnít a good way of fixing the issue and keeping the functionality of the ability.
  • Using the 4 piece Warlock HK crystal, applying Defile does not improve Haunting Pain damage.
    Found the issue, and working on a fix.
  • If you are immune to crowd control effects, you are also immune to healing from Wild Growth.
    Looking into this one.
  • The Pyromancerís Burning Bright passive buff is increasing damage from the Ignited debuff when fighting High Priest Arakhurn.
    I think Iíve tracked this one down. Iím working with the Arakhurn boss designer to get to get it fixed up.
  • Mortality is suffering from pushback while channeling.
    Havenít had a chance to look at this yet. Should be an easy fix if I can verify it happening.
  • Channeled AoE abilities (such as Fire Storm) arenít receiving benefit from the Stormcallerís Lightning Rod talent.
    I know the issue here, but havenít found a way to fix it yet. Iíll let you know when I have an update on it.
  • If cast with an @mouseover macro, abilities such as Transmogrify are applying Controlled Opportunity to the casterís target instead of the abilityís target.
    Iíve found the issue and have a fix in the works. The fix needs some thorough testing to make sure it isnít going to break other things though.
  • Stormcallers are able to remove other Stormcallerís stacks of Electrify.
    Looking into this one now.
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