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Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I am a bit confused about Inspect.Auction.DetailI went to the pastebin details link provided in the first post of this thread. The listed return values include bidder and itemStack. I don't seem to be getting those two values back when I dump the auctions table into a saved variable. I really don't care about bidder, but bid and buyout are fairly meaningless without the itemStack value.I know that Inspect.Item.Detail will get me this info, but I was really hoping that 1.8 would make dealing with that unnecessary.Am I missing something? Or is the documentation incorrect?Thanks!
"bidder" will appear only if you know the bidder on the item (i.e. it's you, or you posted the auction.) "itemStack" will appear only if the item is stackable. I just tested it on live and itemStack, at the very least, appears to be working right.
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