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1.8 live changelist:NEW FEATURES:* Added *.Map.*.* Added *.Faction.*.* Added *.Quest.*.* Added *.Message.*. This allows for inter-player communication via the addon system.* Added *.Storage.*. This allows for a limited amount of server-side storage via the addon system.* Added the Brimworks lua-zlib library. Documentation can be found online. The functions are provided under zlib.*. This allows for easy and fast data compression.* Completed the Deprecation system. The new function Command.System.Strict() can be run in order to cause intentional errors in deprecated functions. We strongly recommend testing out your addon with Command.System.Strict() enabled, as deprecated functionality will be removed soon!* Add optional callbacks to almost all Command.Auction.* and Command.Mail.* functions. If provided with a function, that function is guaranteed to be called eventually with a status code telling you whether it succeeded or failed. This should make it easier to do reliable bulk auctioning/mailing. If you need more callbacks added to other Command.* functions, please request them on the forums.* Addon-style @ specifiers can now be used in macros when the addon system is not running.* Assuming the client has data for the unit, all units referenced in a Event.Combat.* message will now be accessible via Inspect.Unit.Detail(), even if they would not be accessible outside the event.* Added .zone/coordX/coordY/coordZ members to Inspect.Unit.Detail(), along with appropriate events.* Added Inspect.Zone.Detail().* Added Inspect.System.Version().* Added currentCooldownPaused flag to Inspect.Ability.Detail() to deal with abilities that pause their cooldown (for example, Bull's Eye.)* itemStack and itemType members have been added to Inspect.Auction.Detail().* Added support for the new Seal equipment slot.* Inspect.Unit.Detail("player") is now guaranteed to include the player's alliance even if the player unit is not technically available (e.g. during loading or teleporting).* Added pvp and rp members to Inspect.Shard().* Added Command.Unit.Menu().* Added Utility.Serialize.Full(). This allows for easy serialization of complicated structures.* Added UI.Native.TraySocial.* Added math.tau.* Added Element:GetChildren().* Function parameter errors will now print the actual parameters passed in as part of the error message.* Added documentation for UI.Context and UI.Frame.* Added documentation for all parameter types.* Added documentation for all UI.Native frames.* Added Utility.Type(), which can be used to find information on the type of Rift identifiers.* Inspect.Documentation("types") can now be used to output a list of valid parameter types and return types.BREAKING CHANGES:* Renamed "PortraitGroupX" to "PortraitPartyX" to conform to our standard naming scheme.SORT OF BREAKING CHANGES:* Element:SetMouseoverUnit() will now error if given a string that cannot be a valid unit specifier. Before it would silently accept the string, then do nothing useful.* Command.Mail.Take() will now generate errors when attempting to take a nonexistent item or an item attached to a mail with a pending COD.UPCOMING BREAKING CHANGES:* The "faction" members from Inspect.Achievement.Detail() and Inspect.Unit.Detail() will be renamed to "alliance". "faction" will be used to refer exclusively to notoriety-giving factions. The new member exists already and all documentation has been changed. The old member will be removed in a future patch.* The requiredFactionName member from Inspect.Item.Detail() and the FactionName member from Inspect.Unit.Detail() will be removed. Inspect.Faction.Detail() can be used to request that data.NONBREAKING CHANGES:* Performance improvements in the event system when events fire without being hooked by any addons.BUGFIXES:* Fix some minor memory leaks that could be caused by incorrect function parameters.* Fix typos in documentation.* Itemtype IDs for randomly-generated planar essences will no longer be incorrect.* Inspect.Item.Detail(), when applied to a mail item or auction item, will now properly show stack size.* Fixed functionality issues and documentation in Command.Mail.Send().* Inspect.Unit.Detail("player") will now properly return a data table during a /reloadui.* Add documentation for the index member in Command.Auction.Scan()'s input table.* The .id member returned by Inspect.Auction.Detail() will now return an id with a 'o' prefix instead of an incorrect 'c' prefix.* Fix problems serializing tables where the table includes string keys that are the same as Lua keywords.* Improvement to the documentation of Command.Slash.Register().* Inspect.Item.Detail() will now properly include the Deflect stat.* Fixed documentation for Inspect.Currency.List().* Inspect.Unit.Lookup() will no longer crash on invalid input.* The game will no longer generate Event.Unit.Detail.Blocked spam after leaving a party.* Utility.Item.Slot.Parse()'s parameter checking and documentation have been fixed.* Cyril and others will no longer generate unnecessary Event.*.Coord spam.* os.date() will no longer crash the client if given an invalid parameter.DIFF:Things that are actually new:
Basic globals:	math.tau	zlib.BEST_COMPRESSION	zlib.BEST_SPEED	zlib._COPYRIGHT	zlib._DESCRIPTION	zlib._VERSION	zlib.deflate	zlib.inflate Inspectors:	Inspect.Faction.Detail	Inspect.Faction.List	Inspect.Map.Detail	Inspect.Map.List	Inspect.Map.Monitor	Inspect.Message.Accept.Check	Inspect.Message.Accept.List	Inspect.Quest.Complete	Inspect.Quest.Detail	Inspect.Quest.List	Inspect.Queue.Handler	Inspect.Queue.Status	Inspect.Storage.Used	Inspect.System.Version	Inspect.Zone.Detail Commands:	Command.Map.Monitor	Command.Message.Accept	Command.Message.Broadcast	Command.Message.Reject	Command.Message.Send	Command.Quest.Abandon	Command.Quest.Share	Command.Quest.Track	Command.Quest.Watch	Command.Storage.Clear	Command.Storage.Get	Command.Storage.List	Command.Storage.Set	Command.System.Strict	Command.Unit.Menu Utilities:	Utility.Message.Limits	Utility.Message.Size	Utility.Serialize.Full	Utility.Storage.Checksum	Utility.Storage.Limits	Utility.Storage.Size	Utility.Type Native frames:	UI.Native.GuildFinder	UI.Native.Leaderboard	UI.Native.PortraitGroup1 (removed)	UI.Native.PortraitGroup2 (removed)	UI.Native.PortraitGroup3 (removed)	UI.Native.PortraitGroup4 (removed)	UI.Native.PortraitParty1	UI.Native.PortraitParty2	UI.Native.PortraitParty3	UI.Native.PortraitParty4	UI.Native.Streaming	UI.Native.TraySocial Events:	Event.Faction.Notoriety	Event.Map.Add	Event.Map.Change	Event.Map.Detail.Coord	Event.Map.Remove	Event.Message.Receive	Event.Quest.Abandon	Event.Quest.Accept	Event.Quest.Change	Event.Quest.Complete	Event.Storage.Get	Event.Storage.List	Event.Unit.Detail.Coord	Event.Unit.Detail.Zone UI:	Element: Inherits from Layout		Members:			GetChildren
Things that are better-documented:
Basic globals:	UI.Context	UI.Frame  Parameter types:	Context	Element	Frame	Layout	Mask	Native	RiftButton	RiftCheckbox	RiftScrollbar	RiftSlider	RiftTextfield	RiftWindow	Text	Texture	ability	achievement	achievementcategory	auction	boolean	buff	callbackfunction	currencycategory	faction	frameEventTable	function	item	itemtype	location	mail	nil	number	number/nil	quest	slot	string	string/nil	table	title	unit	variant	zone
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