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Spot on. Idk if I just wasn't paying enough attention before 1.7, but ya the PR spins have become pretty noticeable to me since then.To those missing the point:* Its not that gating is a bad idea.* Its not that gating hasn't been done before.* Its just funny that they have to spin a positive reason for gating.To those who argue that PR is pervasive and to be expected. Somewhat. But there are matters of degree, and different companies have different takes on levels of honesty. Personally I would prefer more honesty. OTOH, there seems to be an endless supply of people who will believe positive spin, while more experienced folks are going to see the truth behind the spin anyway, so.. maybe spin is the best choice. :shrug:But its still funny.
While we're always going to paint RIFT in the best light possible - I do just want to note that this statement was factual, just as we strive to be as straight forward about all of our communications. There is a positive reason for gating and it's why we pursued it as I stated above.If you choose to look deeper and create perceptions that aren't based on the facts we provide there's nothing we can do to stop you - but it's the constant postulating that actually prompts the need for some to over-embellish. Otherwise, who knows what kind of crazy rumors we'd wind up with since some people's default position is to simply believe we're being dishonest.
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