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The real explanation is Daglar got blown up by some warriors on PTS during a playtest, got mad about it, and nerfed us. There's that screenshot floating around the forums here of Daglar basically saying he was going to nerf warriors, and the only thing that would stop the nerf is him getting hit by a bus. It's hard to make headway when the lead dev has a vendetta against your class. I doubt these nerfs even came from Atrius at all. Daglar probably just gave him orders.
Bear_on_the_job, That is an interesting take, but perhaps you missed the context of the discussion on that particular day of testing. In the playtest in question warriors were out of whack. So out of whack that the warriors playing in the test were telling everyone that would listen that things were out of whack. In the play test in question it was pretty obvious that things could not go live like they were - and I said I wouldn't let them go live that way. I have zero vendetta against warriors. Suggesting that I do is a bit misleading. ~Daglar Lead Game Designer: Rift
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