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First off, A+ effort in your hilarious post Second, the style of your writing gives the impression that you're still experiencing the aftermath of your anasthesia.Third, although your post made me laugh quite a bit, you only answered half my question. I am glad to hear that two wardens can stack separate Healing Floods on the same target. However, one question still remains is a single warden casting Healing Flood more than once in 12 seconds within a group of 5 (scenario 2 from original post). The 1.8 #4 patch notes explicitly say that Healing Flood cannot overwrite or refresh itself, so if you were to cast Healing Flood on targets which already have Healing Flood on them, does it have no effect?
That note shouldn't have made it in in the first place it was added and then reverted between the publishing of notes for #3 and #4. Just a simple mistake.
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