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The original post was a while ago (1-10-12). I noticed Mighty Blow missing ALOT. So I tested it. Got some video, blah blah blah. Atrius posted that it was being looked into ect. Here we are on the brink of 1.8 (still no reply as to if it is being looked into other than "oh hey, we know its happening, kthxbai) and I can still replicate this issue, but with slightly more severity. Instead of the initial Mighty Blow test, I also noticed that Cornered Beast and Bladefury are missing. It was bad enough that one vital rotation ability was missing, now 1 AE rotation and 2 finishers? This needs to be fixed.Video: http://youtu.be/kmCYymUuG5k
Hey Kaandy,Can you please try to repro this on a target that does not have destructible states. The object being attacked in the video has destructable states - it is not actually an NPC. There are some odd interactions between this type of object and AOE attacks of all types (odd being: AoEs typically do not work on them period).~DaglarLead Game Designer: Rift
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