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Thanks for all the great questions!I'll answer what I can.
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1. The poles are rather boring atm, they seam to only exist to help limit lures to skill level. But, lures also have a skill level limit, so it's a bit redundant. Are there plans to add things to the poles to make them more unique?2. IPP and Stillmoor have a serious lack of viable fishing spots. What about adding a river that straddles both zones? Or maybe some motes in Stillmoor and some ice fishing on the lake in IPP? Both zones also have a lack of deep water areas when compared to other zones. (Just 2 small spots in IPP and 3 small lakes in Stillmoor that could have deep water when re-enabled)
Every zone will be getting at least a little shallow and deep water. Bodies of water never run out of fish, and every fish school can be shared for as long as it lasts.
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3. Lava and Tar fishing; what's up with that?
You should be fishing up junk loot from liquid non-water areas. If you're getting fish (and you're not using a lure or on a special quest), that's a bug.
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4. Will rare fish be added that can make rare foods/lures/etc?5. Will fishing be incorporated into other skills? Except for Runecrafter each of the other skills could use fish parts in various ways (bones, scales and fins can be used for armor, outfitter and weapons and arti, fish icky bits in apoth)6. What about fishing world events? Come on, you know you want to...7. The fishing skill level in expert/master instances match that of the original instance level. Will this change? Having fish you can only get in expert/master instance could be super fun.8. Of the fish that are "missing" recipes for lures or survival (well, ones you can get from trainers) are they all used somehow, but we just haven't looted those recipes?
There are recipes that have not yet been found.
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9. What about fishing outfits?
I like that idea.
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10. Will special areas, such as Shoreward Island, Lake of Solace, and the Mage lake from the Shimmersand Quest get their own fishing tables?
If you haven't been to your faction's fishing trainer in Scarlet Gorge, I highly recommend it.
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11. Any plans for "uber" poles?12. One of the most often complaints/questions I get is about food, that you can only have one food buff up at a time. What about one crafted and one merchant food buff at a time? Or maybe a system like with potions?
Just one food buff at a time... but again, not all of the best foods have been discovered.
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13. I like fishing as much as the next girl, but what about some yummy red meat from skinning to use in survival?
Mmm, delicious red meat. Maybe too delicious to give only to the butchers...
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14. What about added fun fishing lootables, such as the costume ones you can get from rifts, hand held trophy fish, rusty or sea weed covered weapons and armor or maybe a rare pet? (A floating fish in a bubble of water would be just about the coolist pet ever...and if you make that, I should get one, just for thinking up something that absurd)
There are some good rare drops in both the tackleboxes and treasure chests. The fishing achievements and artifact sets give out several new pet frogs and crabs, too.
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15. Do Tackle Boxes also drop the recipes that the chests/crates/etc do?
The recipes can only be found in the chests that you fish up directly from the water. To clarify, fish exchange tackleboxes can contain rare items, lures, buff scrolls, potions and artifacts; while fished-up treasure containers can have rare items, recipes, and cash.
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