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Now I might be wrong again but a full relic HK geared warrior tank has a little over 22k HP while a relic geared cleric tank has 20k tops.
In equivalent Infernal Dawn gear (note that none of these numbers include PAs), the Warrior has 21635 health while the Justicar has 20753. That's 4.08% less. If you add in PAs, at tier 3, that difference can widen another 3% or so due to the difference between the way Gifts and MoL work. Is that something we're super thrilled about? Not particularly. However, it's not something we plan to address at this time. The dungeon guys have been balancing Infernal Dawn around the lowest possible tank HP as a result (which was previously Riftstalkers, though that will be changing slightly).
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Also for comparison where does the Riftstalker currently stand, I know even less about riftstalker then I know about warriors so I don't even want to make a guess.
Riftstalkers are getting some last minute tweaks to bring them in line with the others. I can't really speak much for them due to the fact that some changes are still in progress and may not end up actually happening. However, in the end, the desire is that you can take any of the 3 tanking callings to Infernal Dawn and progress equally well.
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