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Does anybody know if there is any way to know the min. bid required for an auction using the API?When I call Inspect.Auction.Detail with a valid auction identifier, it returns a table with the current bid price on its "bid" field.If I wanted to bid on that auction and it has already been bidded, I'd have to bid that amount + 1 silver (at least).However, if the auction hasn't been bidded so far, it'd be enough to bid the current bid price and, in fact, the native auction UI knows if an auction has been bidded or not.
That'd be a missing feature. I'll toss it into the small-improvements pile.
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While checking it I've found that the "id" field returned by Inspect.Auction.Detail is prefixed by a "c" instead of an "o". According to the_real_seebs the "c" prefix is for achievements, not for auctions so perhaps it's a bug.
And that's a bug - it's actually fixed on the PTS, I might push it up to live.
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