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Seems Trion haven't learned that unless they use a 'must be green to get any rewards' limitation on things then level 50 ***-hats will do what the OP's describing. Come on Trion, for God's sake, take human nature and the typical selfishness and greed many MMO players exhibit into account when designing this sort of content.
Actually to clear this up a bit: If you kill a Grey Pinata you get 1-5 Beads - That's it. (there was a bug allowing 7-15..but that was still it) If you kill a Green + Pinata you get 7-15 Beads + 8-15 Beads, Plus a chance at all the old goodies. We are well aware of the fact that players will take advantage of what they perceive to be easier ways to get free loot, but at the same time I wanted to allow people who may be out helping new friends out to get something. I honestly figured that 50s would view low level pinata smashing as a waste of time, and well, it is! Also bear in mind that we haven't had a World Event live for a few weeks and people get excited about them! After the first day or two the farm fest always slows down or moves to the proper locations. Enjoy the Carnival!!
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