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I have to say that as someone who has been raiding for about eight years now, and had about 200MB of addons in WoW (that's memory use, god only knows how much install space) I never saw nor used nor wanted to use any addon that raids for me, nor did I see anyone else using addons that autoselect targets or change targets nameplate size or anything like that. Not that I am saying people wouldn't or couldn't, I just don't think it's that big of a concern.
And that is because WoW spent a lot of effort ensuring behavior of that sort wasn't possible. If it was possible it would have been done years ago. That's the same sort of effort we'd have to spend to open the same segment of the API.
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Also, you realise that an addon like Wire's NPSee already lists all currently targetted targets in a raid and you can quickly select any target from that when you have to switch?
I'm pretty sure you can't actually select targets from that addon. There's a major difference between listing information and making decisions for you.
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Any chance of a list of things you are or could be working on in the next few months? It would be interesting and useful for everyone, addon developers and addon consumers, if we could see what we might be getting in future. Maybe we could even help pick out which ones we'd like to see first?
Nope. :VThere's good reason for this - things get reprioritized extremely often. There's a feature I've bumped back two entire patches now, and each time it was because sometimes more important and useful took its place. I've also had one or two cases where a feature turned out to be dramatically more complicated than I'd expected and I put it on the back burner (one of these has been hanging around in my todo list since 1.4 - thought it would take two days or so, plowed a week into it with essentially zero progress, worry about it later.)I really don't want to get people's hopes up about things that get pushed back, and I don't want to end up locked into plans I made before I really understood the problem domain. You'll find out when it hits the PTS As for "help pick out which ones we'd like to see first", I pay a lot of attention to feature requests and issues people are having with the API. If there's something you need, I highly recommend posting about it. It's not a guarantee that it will happen, of course, but I'd say well over half of my reprioritizations have been sparked by people's posts on this very forum.tl;dr: watch the PTS, post in the suggestions thread.
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