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not the answer i was looking for thank you. How you could exploit nameplates is way out of my imagination ... wondering why ANY other mmo has them without any problems lol.
Note that we're talking about addon support for nameplates, not nameplates themselves. Every MMO I know that supports addon nameplates either has a very restricted API, or has given up on the whole "prevent automation" thing.A quick example of an exploit: Let's say there's a boss where everyone has to target a specific add at a specific time and burn it down quickly. With a clever nameplate addon, you just make that add's nameplate ENORMOUS at that time, letting the player trivially click it. Or, even worse, you can set up this addon to work for healers - just make the nameplate of the ideal next heal target enormous. Addon-controlled autotargeting is a bad thing.Another issue is that, if the API can figure out the exact camera position and angle, then the API can effectively draw things in 3d space. Now, I'll admit this is totally awesome-looking, but it also plays havoc with any sort of challenge in boss battles. Since nameplates are attached to 3d objects, it suddenly becomes . . . well, I'm not going to say trivial, but possible to calculate that information. Again, all the MMOs I know with addon support have either avoided this issue, stopped this issue when it showed up, or just given up on the whole "addon automation" topic.If we do introduce nameplates, it'll end up being through a very specific custom-built API. Right now there are things I can accomplish with far less effort that will be a lot more useful.
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