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[EDIT]Carnival of the Ascended is forcing PVE players to PVP. iv just had it.Can,t Trion understand most PVE don't want to PVP. Trion your Devs may like this pvp bull but a lot of your paying customers DON'T.I say you can stick your PVP Phase 5 up your you know what.P5: Faction InsurrectionPhase 5 runs from March 28 until Phase 6 begins on April 4.Factional hostilities explode into all-out war as the celebration of the Ascended is forgotten. The Ascended put aside their conquest of the dragons as they lead their armies into battle against their sworn rivals. Defiant Phase Goal: Kill 100,000 Guardians. Guardian Phase Goal: Kill 100,000 Defiants.
*SPOILER*I think other people who played on PTS have already called this out - but there are PVP and PVE ways to advance this goal.
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