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I can't think of a better way, and maybe there isn't, but doesn't hurt to ask. In ZBB, you have the saved variable ZorbasBuffBars_Placement and in the main lua file, you assign values. Fair enough, but that creates a global variable; I'm wondering if there is some way to make that local? Yes, you can make a local reference, but that isn't the same thing. Just colour me curious.
Not an easy way. I thought of a few ways to manage that and eventually concluded they weren't worth the trouble. This method is, at least, easy to describe.
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On a totally different note, I was also curious if there is any plans to add "load on demand" in the toc? You could then create a seperate addon that contains an addon's option frame and choices, but have it only load if the user opens the option pane. That is just one example, but there could be other uses.
I've also been thinking about some system for this. I'm not sure "load on demand" is actually useful - I think what people really want is two features, "make me the global addon manager that controls loading all addons" and "here is a list of individual lua files I may want to load on-demand in the future". There's no real reason to split things into sub-addons if you have that second option. As an added bonus, addons with big static databases could actually throw them away and reload from disk when needed - there's no reason those lua files couldn't be loaded multiple times. The latter would probably show up before the former. I've got to run it past Design to ensure that inserting data into the Rift environment is acceptable, however.
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