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I'm going to have to research this as I'm not quite sure what this means.
Quick summary: For various reasons, there are segments of the addon API that I intend to remove. In every case, the same functionality can be accomplished in a different way, and I just want to get rid of badly-named functions or irrelevant functions. The problem is that if I just rip out the functions, then any addon which currently uses that functionality will break until the addon author can track down the new process and implement it. The new Command.System.Strict() function puts the environment into a state where any functionality slated for removal will spawn errors. In theory, you can call that function, then put your addon through its paces and see what breaks. Once it doesn't break anymore, your addon is safe for the foreseeable future. This shouldn't be difficult - most of the changes are either "this event has changed its name" or "this function is no longer necessary to call". The next step is to set it up so the environment runs in "strict" mode by default, with a checkbox in the addon manager to put the environment in "compatibility" mode. That will likely happen in 1.9. After that, I remove the old functionality entirely, and any addons that haven't been fixed will break entirely. With luck, that won't be many.
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