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Morning guys, Lots of good feedback so far, I've passed it along to the designers and we're going to start working on some of the smaller items ASAP. Right now we're actively investigating the following smaller items
  • Material disparities between similar level / tiered items
  • Bulk crafting certain common materials
  • Skill up ranges and progression (Especially gaps) in harvesting & crafting
  • Lots of misc bugs people have fired our way
Larger stuff we are also working on includes
  • More desireable high end recipes for crafters
  • Fun / casual tradeskill activities
  • Tweaks and improvements to the AH
  • More activities, items, sinks etc for players to use their material stockpiles on
Other items we'd love to hit but are probably farther out then 1.8
  • Further UI improvements for the crafting window
Obviously the above is not an exhaustive response to everything folks have brought up so far. But rather a quick summary of what we've currently got going Thanks -Gersh
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