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this is exactly how it was with the dragon motes, then trion increased their spawn rate, and within 2 days people were bored with it and each zone had 5+ motes constantly upjust wait a couple days guys, the zerg will get bored with the shiny and those that are dedicated to getting a lot of the beads will have plenty of time to get to ityou have until april 11th to do all this stuff, trust me, you will have way more time/beads than you will ever needEDIT: and yes, even in low level zones, i remember on a warrior alt stumbling on a dragon mote in stonefield that was near a porticulum, it had 99 stacks of that dmg increase buffi know it sucks in the first few days or even week, but really, it wont be so bad later on
Oh No! Looks like Xanduin is on to us and our timings! We're looking at the loot drops to push the 50s back to the higher zones. We thought the higher pay outs and rare drops for only con green would be enough - but it looks like people would rather kill a bunch of easy things for a small payout, instead of one big thing for a large payout and chances at rare rewards. We're going to offset that some more, so that's 'pennies' for con grey.Just as an FYI - you'll have 5 weeks to beat up pinatas (Close guess Xanduin) - and starting next week, other ways to get currency. So just because there's a wave of excitement over them right now, don't worry about missing out - we're watching it.
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