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Oh god, the ringing, the ringing! I adore carnival sounds as much as the next guy (in fact, I love the little soundtrack over there) but the put-a-ring-on-a-seacap * 20 people spamming rings = Muted Meridian.
I will double check right now, but I heard second-hand that audio is looking into this now. I just want to make sure they are myself. ;)
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Tales of the Ascended I - did not get marked as completed after Phase 2 took over. Intended?
Yes, intended. All three Tales are actually part of a random daily quest pool, with one being added each phase. So Phase one is only the first Tale offered each day, Phase 2 offers Tale 1 or 2 randomly, and phase 3 will offer any of the three.
Monte, Iture and Esserat are still near the Shady Goods merchant on the boat during Phase 2. Shouldn't they only be there during Phase 1?
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Why are the Lanterns that hangs on the ropes in Sanctum/Meridian and the ones that are hung in the ships in shimmersand still not glow?
I believe (as in I have been told but not verified with my own eyes) that they "glow" at night in terms of a visual change, but not to cast light. That many individual light sources is a performance killer in places like capital cities. Instead a lighting pass with some general lighting was recently done and should be on PTS soon (because some of the carnival areas were way too dark :P ).
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So I got the chance to clap and cheer for a couple of players (out of the three that were doing the quest) but I have no idea if my vote was counted. Maybe a pop-up for the person clapping/cheering that says "Your vote for Soandso has been counted!"?
Good call. I will do that!
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Balloon Popping - In Meridian I somehow got teleported to the opposite side of the seacap ring while doing this. It only happened once, on my first bounce I think.. not sure why though.
I know exactly what would cause it - anytime we spawn in objects with collision, if a player if in that spot, the game teleports that player to a fallback point. The fallback points are hand placed and are tied to groups of content. You had the timing to land right where I put up the collision barriers when you got the Balloon Stomper buff and got placed at the carnival fallback point. I will place another fallback point inside the balloon area. You will still get a short teleport, but not as jarring.
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random thought... for the parade cart in Freemarch (where you turn in the harvesting/crafting quests) a rift can open where it's at! Not a huge deal but I had to wipe out a level 13 Major fire rift just to speak to Icatian.
Good catch - getting a fix in for that too.
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There's a dragon pinata around 7183, 897, 6879 in Shimmersand that appears to be below the ground (inaccessible). This is the second time I've tried and failed to get this pinata (last time was during the original P1/P2 tests).
Sure enough, it was WAY underground. Fixed.
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Phase 2 zone event: Unlikely Alliances
I passed all this info on to the parties responsible for the zone events. Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback! We cannot stress how useful all this is.
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