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Sorry if this was already posted. The balloon pop improvements are very nice. I feel it is much more in line with the others.
Yeah, I completely gutted it and rebuilt how it worked under the hood. The collision when you have the buff - the main purpose is to let you just start bouncing around with the Balloon Stomper buff (which is a stacking speed buff) without worrying about flying out of the balloon area (especially on the boats!). The intention is not to keep anyone trapped exactly (hence still being able to leave through the gate in Meridian. I did just change the barriers in Shimmersand and Sanctum to let you access the quest guy while under the buff effect (and likely give a chance for the buff to expire since it is only 5 seconds long). I enjoy having the barriers there because it makes the entire thing almost feel like a bounce house to me as I fling myself bouncing around the play space, but I am not convinced they are quite up to where they need be. Options I am considering:
  • Add visuals to the perimeter (visuals would only be viewable while under the effect of the buff). Downside - the visuals would likely obscure/clutter the visuals of the play space a lot, and depending on what style of visual barrier (vfx vs objects like velvet ropes) it could impact performance by adding too many vfx, especially in the cities.
  • Strip the Balloon Stomper buff off of players when they reach the target goal of balloons. This would also mean not being able to pop anymore balloons once they hit the goal. No real downside other than some people might like to keep bouncing around without needing to turn-in and retake the quest.
Another thing I am still considering is greatly increasing the number of balloons and increasing the number needed to match. I am interested in feedback on the current number of balloons and the number needed to stomp. Regarding other games - I am VERY interested in feedback on the Fashion Show, especially with multiple players and with audience participation. I did a lot of rescripting on it, including polish like the NPCs in the audience voting as well. The Defiant and Guardian soldiers in the back corners even participate - if you are of the wrong faction, they may make rude gestures or otherwise taunt the person on the catwalk! I will investigate the issue you mentioned with the Ring Toss, and also chase down the audio guys about the noise of it.
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