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Atrius,Why would you reduce the effectiveness of the RW spec to bring it in line with other specs? You admit the others are underperforming, just buff them. Warriors do less dps than both rogues and mages atm... and you're calling RW bloated? Leave it alone and just buff beast master, dualwield, etc. Do this right, please.
Every talent and ability on the Warrior Calling has the potential to affect every other ability and talent. So when something is way ahead of everything else, it's not just a matter of buffing everything else. Anything you enhance has the potential, and often good potential to enhance that one build that is outperforming the rest. So what you end up having is all of your builds doing better, but that one is still 500-600 DPS ahead of the rest of them. Which is why when we make changes to bring the majority of builds up to the level of a front runner, we reduce what it is doing at the same time so that they all come out the same in the end.The end result should leave you with the effectiveness of your big build unchanged, and other options to play with that now compete with it on a much more level playing field.
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