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What I would do is combine RS/Rogue's "block" into damageBlocked, along with Clerics and Warriors. It is all the same thing, and should be one return value. If it is indeed different, then how, and why? Just because of the existance of a shield? So what, if the hard numbers and what the end result remain the same.
It's different because, internally, it's a different concept. There's nothing stopping our designers from making something that both deflects and blocks damage (I don't know, maybe some Rogue buff that adds a magic shield.) I'm exposing all the data that the combat log does and it's up to you to figure out what you care about.
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Clearly document what each return member does, and how it impacts the results, and in what order do the returns happen. Guessing: dodge, parry, block, armour, leftovers that damage the player. But which is which, without guessing?
The Event.Combat.Damage message is essentially a replacement for log messages, and contains the same information that the combat log messages do. Namely: a lot of these questions aren't answered We're not exposing the absolute inner workings of damage calculations, just what we show in the combat log."damage" represents the amount of damage that the player has actually taken. The various absorbed/blocked/deflected/intercepted/modified messages are all things that would show up in the combat log, and mean exactly what they mean in the combat log.I strongly recommend grabbing Trion Development Tools, doing "/eventlog Damage", splitting the console window into two panes so you can watch the event log and the combat log simultaneously, and analyzing it that way.
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