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Hey all,More updates:
  • The mage raid level items will be getting another look. The itemization thread should have more info as it becomes available.
  • I'm making some ground on the issue with Flame Jet canceling duels. Not sure if this will lead to a fix or not, but there's progress.
  • I'm still having some trouble reproducing the missing channel/cast bar issue. Is this showing up everywhere for people? More often in PVP or raids?
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Oh another bug I just remembered. Storm Guard still allows charge to be generated while using channeled abilities such as Lightning Storm. I guess it was overlooked in the patch where channeled abilities couldn't generate charge while having something like Static Flux on.
Fixed this.
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You are right, the spell should fall off when the opponent dies, the issue though, is when you die, and the opponent lives on, or even if you just get separated after the attack. Last Gasp can be refreshed infinitely through heals, and if that opponent has a dmg shield on (or the more popular mass charged shield) the necromancer will take constant dmg from the dmg shield effect, even if you die, the dot will remain on the opponent, and upon rezzing you will immediately start taking ticks of dmg, which drains health, causes mounting issues, and prevents out of combat health/mana regen.
Looking into this, I'm finding that Last Gasp falls off the target when the target dies. However, it will stick around if you die and the target doesn't, meaning you can get hit by damage shields each time the DoT gets refreshed. I'm setting it so Last Gasp will only trigger a damage shield with the first tick of damage when it's initially cast. Refreshing it with heals will no longer trigger damage from damage shields.The issue with it putting you back into combat as soon as you rez is a more complex one. Yes, itís happening, but it is technically correct. I could set it so it falls off when the caster dies, but I donít know that that is a good solution. If thatís the result most people would like I can give it further consideration, but itís not something I want to do. As for other solutions, there isnít much in the way of other solutions. Iíll keep it in mind though and see if I can come up with something.
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Natural Conversion can Be activated by some Dot Damage. I have found that it can happen not only on dots that the person has cast ( which I would expect based on the spells description), but if you have an active dot on you at the time, it will Proc off a dots tick, rather then the next single target spell that the opponent casts.
I've looked into this and can see how this would happen. I've got a fix in the works for it.
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