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Zorba, I won't ask you how wrong I am with my assumptions but I'd like to ask you a couple of things:
I'll answer without you asking :V From what I recall, you've correctly analyzed the whole thing. Some of the magic numbers in there ("rarity" and "requiredLevel") do, as I recall, have more values they can take on - I'm kind of surprised the required-level is so consistent, to be honest - but you've got the basic pattern down.
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When I call Inspect.Item.Detail(itemType) inside a long loop, at some point it starts throwing errors for valid itemTypes, and then it continues throwing errors for some minutes even if I call it at a slower pace.
I'm not quite sure what's going on here, to be honest. Where are you getting the item types from exactly? The issue is that the client is not aware of most items, it has to retrieve them from the server. If it doesn't have an item available then it will give you an error and then quietly send a request out to the server, and with luck, the data will be available the second time you request information. Now, that request is throttled, but there's no way to retrieve its status (somewhat intentionally, to prevent data mining) and it results in massive slowdown, not errors. If you can provide an example addon to demonstrate the behavior I'll check out what's going on. All that said, if it turns out that we're burning a lot of bandwidth on item requests, we may have to throttle it more severely. We recommend pulling item data down only when you actually need it - if you're making an addon that lets you, say, search over all items, include a local database with your addon, don't pull it all down from the server for every single user The actual pattern of how to call Inspect.Item.Detail() should be irrelevant, the throttling is a per-item throttle.
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On another note, could you add an exactText filter for Command.Auction.Scan for when you only want "Mana Potion" and not "Greater Mana Potion"?
I wouldn't expect this to be showing up soon, but we've had requests to add this to the main AH interface. If we do end up adding it to that, we'll also add the right hooks for the auction API to use it.
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