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Attack the Outposts - phase 5 pyrite dubloon quest. 5 person quest, not raid, so I apologize for the confusion on my end.Objective: Kill a Guardian Outpost Quartermaster and 2 Guardian Outpost Qaurtermaster AssistantsSo.. where to find them? Well, you have to look hard - there is no objective/description/help past the mob names. I found them on my way back to Fortune Shore's port in SS, and they were level 50 and aggro'd me inside[maybe right near] the town.
Thanks for saving me the time to look it up!We realized (too late) that we put out a lot of quests without map markers - believe it or not we put each and every one of those in to data by hand. We're doing a clean up pass on that right now though. For now, you can find an outpost in each zone (not SM or IP) along the main road.
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