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Please forgive my ignorance of LUA and in no way do I intend any disrespect to you or anyone else, I simply cannot understand why the Addon API cannot call a function with players interact with frames in the same way that the default UI does, without ever exposing the function or giving the full power of the function to the Addon. I write a great deal of web code in various languages, and there are frequently functions that I call that are not mine to do with as I wish, I can simply take advantage of their functionality by calling them in the right time and place.
Because I haven't yet written the binding so the addon environment can call that function. As I said, the solution is probably going to be "I set it up so that can happen".(It won't be via right-click, though, because not everyone wants right-click to have that behavior - it'll probably just be a function that addons can call when they want. I can't think of any problems that could be caused by that.)
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