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Couldn't you create some sort of interaction with right click on players user interfaces that is limited to players? I mean, right now right click gets you tell, inspect, follow, trade, uninvite, promote, add to friends, duel and mark 1-8, how could any of that be abused?
Well, lessee. Tell isn't terribly harmful because it doesn't actually do anything, just puts a different UI element into a different mode. It's also not really all that useful - I'd rather spend the time rigging up an actual chat API. Inspect, at the moment, would be harmless because addon developers can't actually look at the inspected equipment. Given that ability, it would be a colossal load on the servers and would let people make GearScore, which is one of the more . . . controversial, let's say . . . addons. Follow lets you, to some extent, automate movement. I can easily imagine raid addons set up to "follow" specific players at opportune moments in order to dodge attacks. Trade lets you spam other players, as does Duel. Uninvite and Promote are fine, and will probably show up in a future Group API. Add to Friends is similarly fine and will probably show up in a future Social API. Mark is actually a colossal security hole. Our macros allow you to target abilities based on a mark. If addons could mark things arbitrarily, then addons could autotarget spells for you. Finally, these aren't all the right-click elements. For example, right-clicking on the *player* will give you a different set. Right-clicking on a pet will give you yet another different set. As much as I'd like to write many of these functions, this is where I have to prioritize. Worst, though, even if I did write all these functions, it wouldn't really solve the problem. What raid addon developers want is a function which is "pop up the right-click window". If the right-click window changes - which it does all the time, I personally have a suggested change percolating through the system right now - then most addon developers want it to Just Work, not to have to go back and reimplement their right-click window to match up with whatever the new behavior is. My final analysis is sort of a combination of "some parts aren't safe", "it's a lot of work that can be better spent on other projects", and "it doesn't really solve the problem that people want solved".
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