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When you right click someone on a raid frame (with leadership rights) you have the ability to set loot rules, thresholds, readychecks, marking, reset instances, dungeon difficulty, and leave group. When you right click your target frame (this is what I want the most) you have the options to tell, inspect, follow, trade, uninvite, promote, add to friends, duel and do marks. As far as I know, no addon can do that, this is what I meant by giving us the ability to do slash commands without a macro. This might be what you mean by "short route to bots and automation" but if you allow this to happen (implementations of slash commands without macros) the API should limit you to w/e macro restrictions have. Now that I think of this request more, the more complicated it seems. Maybe a hook would be the only way for now : /
The best solution here is probably going to be providing a function that opens the right-click menu at the cursor for whatever unit you want. Opening up generic slash command usage is a giant security hole (for example, "/cast whatever") and trying to come up with some kind of "safe" set of slash commands seems dubious as well. Some of those bits of functionality should probably be doable within the addon system, but some probably won't be.
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My second request has to do with handling updates on frames. For example when I modified Rift Healer I had to throttle everything down to ~300ms update intervals (this interval is understandable). However, when you're monitoring HP/Resource/Range/Threat/Buffs/Debuffs/Cooldowns(self/others abilities) in a 20 man environment CPU usage rises like crazy. Anything above 5% is too extreme (imo) I had it go up as high as 30% before I decided to stop. This might be my fault as I'm not a proficient coder when it comes to LUA but based on similar addons and authors they all seem to have the same problem. Is this our or the API's fault? Perhaps a combination?
I suppose it really depends on how you're doing it. Note that merely hooking an event takes very little CPU. What you *do* with the event might be another matter altogether. There are some frame manipulations that are a lot slower than they ideally would be, but we may be out of room for optimization. Obviously if you're doing something like reordering and changing every buff icon for every player every frame, things might run a bit slow. I'll actually be posting an updated and faster version of Zorba's Buff Bars soon which might give a few suggestions for optimization. All that said, if you've got an example of a situation that seems slower than it should be, post it and I can take a look at it. It's kind of tough to do optimization work in a vacuum - I need addon examples.
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