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As I said before, some Planar Essences have unusual values:
Eternal Faestone of the Tactician (uncommon):   I7F772CD50FED2A07,49A107449FFF2676,,61D3F28B075B4A89,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0000001E,,,Eternal Shadestone of the Tactician (uncommon): I7EE10E1A19751391,CD499DD734B74F5A,,4FD27CD669BA19AD,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0000001E,,,Eternal Shadestone of the Core (uncommon):      I7EE10E1A19751391,FBD302205F9C623F,,25389D3754409AA4,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0000001E,,,
They have a third DWORD and, moreover, their fourth parts don't match even when two of them have the same random modifier (of the Tactician).These item types give an error when used to call Inspect.Item.Detail, but if you strip out the third DWORD they return their usual values:
Whoops. Good catch, we'll get that fixed.
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