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So essentially what I did was I just waited for the mob to run up to the core and start casting, then I would start casting.However I also noticed that if you killed the mob within a second or two of first hit that it would work too, otherwise it would reset and instantly cast that ability.
You pretty much nailed it here.A recent change had an unintended impact on this quest. A fix is already in place and awaiting roll out to Live.Until then, the work around is this:Kill the mob within 5 seconds of it spawning.orDon't touch the mob until it reaches the charging station and starts doing its thing - THEN hit it.But if you tag it before it reaches the station, you have at most 5 seconds to kill it before a bad despawn timer kicks in and takes it away.Our apologies for the inconvenience, and hopefully you should see the fix deployed soon.
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