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edit: Are the Gutterborn Muggers in Shimmersand from this phase? I don't recall them from before.
They are there starting in phase 2, but become more common in 3 and then 4 (by 4, they are groups of muggers). If you are still drunk from the drinking game on the boat, they are interested in going through your pockets for loose change...Other quick notes before I get out of here for the night:The Tales of the Ascended event is going through a lot of clean up now by another designer.The world quests for phase 3 on are also getting a lot of work from other designers right now.I think I have a handle on what has been causing the Mini Mount Race game to stop being offered, though a fix won't go onto the PTS until Thursday probably.I am FINALLY going to get a serious crack at revising the Balloon Stomp tomorrow - because I am the first to agree that the current performance of it is AWFUL. >.<The Fashion Show is close to final implementation of _intent_, but is VERY buggy at the moment. QA handed me a lengthy bug list for it today.It IS intended that the mount currency this time is tied to the group (5) quests (after the first week, which is essentially a freebie). The mobs that spawn are based on participant level, so they should still be doable by all players (or so I understand - it isn't my content and I am relaying info on this subject). The vendors WILL be getting both mounts, so you will have a choice. The currency will remain BoP since it is intended to reward people that participate in all 6 phases, not someone that ran all of their alts through the freebie quest on the first week. Thanks again for all the feedback, everyone. The event team is all watching this thread closely.
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