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Hey all,Some updates on various things for you.
  • Degeneration should be getting updated with one of the next hotfixes to work better when the enemy is immune to damage and other situations when the purge portion of the effect was failing when it shouldnít.
  • Cleansing Flames is getting updated to hit only those group or raid members that actually have something to cleanse. No more wasting one of its targets on people that donít need it. Itís also being updated to cleanse poisons and diseases in addition to curses.
  • Rift Tomb is getting updated so it behaves more like the spell it is. No more getting it parried, dodged, etc.
  • Iíll take a look at Storm Guard. I looked it over quick and didnít see anything immediately that would cause it to toggle oddly, but Iíll look into it a bit more in depth.
  • The issue with Flame Jet being able to cancel a duel sounds familiar, but Iím not sure if it was Flame Jet, or some other ability that this happened with, in the past. Iíll take a look at it.
  • Iíll take a look at Last Gasp on the Necromancer as well. After a quick check it looks like the ability is set up correctly to fall off when the target dies, but Iíll test it out and see what I come up with.
  • Fixed an issue where Defile would continue to consume Charge if it was cleansed from the target.
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Not sure if it is intended or not or if it's been mentionned :Fire Elemental (Swarming fire) are susceptible to exterminate-type ability even if you yourself are under protection.For exemple in the Greenscale fight during the bombard phase, if you summon the fire elem while being under the bubble they still get squished...Same thing in the Hydriss fight (D.H) if you summon them while under the bubble and she casts they get wiped out even tho you (and your pet) don't.This result in a huge loss of DPS...
I need to check into what the boss is doing here. I'm not sure what the raid guys intended in this situation, but I'll find out.
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