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Going through the UI.Native.* list, these are the ones I'm not sure what they do.
A good general-purpose solution is to rig up a semitransparent frame to just follow a given UI.Native around to see when it appears. That said, here you go: * UI.Native.BarTemporary - Used to store temporary abilities. These show up in a few quests and boss fights in the Ember Isle content. * UI.Native.Coinlock - The circular button that appears when your character is coinlocked. UI.Native.ConsoleSetting - "the window you can change your chat settings?" - Bingo * UI.Native.Guest - Guest list for the marriage system. * UI.Native.Import - Hit Escape, click "import". * UI.Native.Notify - The floating button at the top of the screen that notifies you about important things, like public groups or going to the graveyard. * UI.Native.Question - General popup dialogs, used for a ton of things. * UI.Native.Recall - The "do you want to change your recall point" dialog. * UI.Native.Setting - Hit Escape, click "settings". * UI.Native.Tray - The little piece of UI under the minimap that serves as an icon notification area. * UI.Native.World - World event window.
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The trial version of Rift has some differences, but I've not played the trial version in many months. What do the following look like?
I actually have no idea offhand, I had to get QA to test those because I couldn't figure out how to turn them on :V Shouldn't be hard to just make a trial account for testing though.
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