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The ring toss event ... 1) You can group with others and complete this quest very quickly. One ring toss catch from one person is credit to everybody. 8 people all catch one seacab at the same time? Quest instantly done for everyone.
Ack!. I had missed that one. Fixed and waiting rollout to PTS (hopefully tomorrow).
2) You should not be able to toss the ring on the center. Even solo, by spamming the ring on the center, you can get this quest done in 10-15 seconds depending on your luck.
I made some changes that should impact this. The ability now has a 6.5m range (was 8m). The play area has a 7m radius, so it should be able to hit the center now, but not center on it. I also tweaked the movement of the seacaps so they should spend 50% less time crossing over the center.
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