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  • Shield of Oak: Now absorbs all damage types. Now increases movement speed by 5% while up.
  • Wild Strike: Now hits 5 targets.
  • Spirit of the Wood: Now also triggers off of Wild Strike.
  • Stone Burst: Removed.
  • Fae Step: New 20 point root ability. Teleports directly to the target. 20m range, 15s cooldown, no global cooldown.
  • Rage of the Fae: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.
  • Brutal Impact: Now increases the damage of Fervent Strike and Combined Effort by 3-9%.
  • Hot-Blooded: Now increases the Spell Power bonus of Bombard and Eruption of Life by 5-25%. No longer requires the purchase of Rage of the Fae.
  • Slothful Spirit: Increased resource cost penalty to 50%.
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