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Fashion Show - Horribly buggy and way too long of a wait. It's about 5 minutes between the shows when it should be 1, maybe 2 mins, max. Me and one other person are trying to get updates and I haven't gotten a single update and she only got an update once. This most recent attempt we stepped into the light at the same time but that didn't update either of us then. There should also be an indication of how much longer until the show starts.
Yes, it is still in very rough shape. I was working on it last night until midnight and will be back in the office on Sunday to work on it some more. Among the planned improvements is reducing wait time and adding NPC crowds. As an aside, even after I add NPC spectators that may or may not clap, your friends can also participate. While you are getting your 15 seconds on the catwalk, any players that clap or cheer count as a vote for you.
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