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Hi everyone,As many of you are likely aware, we had started a series called Community Roundtable Podcasts, where we would invite members of the RIFT Community to have a roundtable discussion with members of the RIFT team to talk about all things Telaran. We had a great time working with Casey on this project, but unfortunately life has called him in a different direction. We appreciate his help getting this started, and wish him the best. That said, we are currently without anyone to handle the recording, production, and publishing of the podcast, so we’re putting out a call for an experienced podcaster who would be interested in doing a few hours of contract work on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. Requirements:
  • Podcasting experience
  • Some degree of scheduling flexibility (we try to record most episodes between 3 and 6 pm PST)
  • Recording and editing gear and software
  • Ability to guide and facilitate conversations
  • A love of RIFT and the RIFT Community
If you are interested, please send an email to community@riftgame.com and we will be happy to get you more details. Thanks!
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