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Inspect.Auction.Detail Stack => would return the current stack size of the auction
This is *meant* to occur right now, although it's meant to be attached to the result of Inspect.Item.Detail(). There's a bug causing it to not show up. We'll get it fixed (no ETA, but it shouldn't be super-long.)
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Command.Auction.Post Size=> would allow to "break on the fly" the stack you are tying to post to the specified size => would fail if stack > actual item stack size
As neat of an idea as this is, it'd require some pretty significant server-side logic. Just use Command.Item.Split().
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Inspect.Mail.Detail This one is a little tricky, I would like to be able to access to the stacksize of the item that was sold, because storing only the "net price" will be impacted by the quantity contained in the stack that was sold. Selling 1 item at 1 plat < 20 items at 50 gold.
I'm confused - do you mean for mail messages telling you that you completed an auction? As for the non-red ones, the answer there is "do the math yourself" It's not tough math and I try to avoid cluttering the APIs with minor additions like that.
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