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This is going to sound a little trollish but...So you guys let us theory craft it all and then you work around it? When do I get paid? :bIt is good to know that there's some type of listening going on.
We provide the information on how we are changing it so you guys can give feedback in whatever form you see fit. We are not asking anyone to theorycraft it for us. We are not even asking for alternate implementations - we are simply providing the information on the change we are currently leaning towards.We do absolutely want to hear peoples thoughts on how this affects their play experience. Rift is a complex beast and any change we make is likely going to upset someone while making someone else happy.We do feel that we need to address the mitigation issues with the Justicar. The current implementation of the class is heavily based on avoidance which simply put, is not a good proposition for balancing anything.~Daglar
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