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Kervik, can you take a look at Radiant Spores. Right now in world events it seems that casting it is a complete waste of time as it gets overwritten almost instantly. Even if in my own raid group I ensure that only I am casting it, it still vanishes within seconds making me think that other groups and even other factions are overwriting it, or even single chloros who haven't joined a public group. Can you confirm this, and if this is the case please change it so that it is one per raid group. This would make it much more useful in these situations, all groups could have one buff up, we're not ninja-ing it from each other wasting time and being frustrated, and single Chloros won't overwrite it either they'd just have their buff for themselves.
My prefered change here would be what several people have suggested, making it so versions of the debuff that aren't buffed by the crystal can't overwrite versions that are buffed by the crystal. Unfortunately that isn't something that I can do at the moment. I'm working on getting that capability, but it may be a while. Until then though there aren't plans to change how the different versions stack.
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