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Thanks mucho, dude. This one surprised me the other day in a warfront when a player popped a damage immunity bubble. I immediately responded with Degeneration to rip it off, only to be greeted by 'immune'. I was like, 'of course he's immune, that's what I'm trying to strip!'
Just so I make sure I get this fixed for all instances, is there something other than Scatter the Shadows that is causing this to happen?
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Any word on any adjustments being made to the Captured Tsuanami, and the fact that it is currently trumped by 30sp by the Staff of Crazed Whispers? Would just like to know if this is going to remain this way or if it was an oversight and will be remedied
I'll pass this on and do what I can on it. Items aren't something I normally work on so I can't offer much info on where things like this stand.I also wanted to point people to a new thread I posted on the Public Test Shard forum. It has a list of changes on the way to PTS for you all to take a look at.http://forums.riftgame.com/public-te...e-updates.html
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