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Regarding Flame Jet not working in macros. I just tried it on with and without Improved Flame Jet specced on both my server and Live and it worked for me. What spec are you running when you have the issue? Do you have any addons that interact with your macros?
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Archon animations still aren't playing. It'd be nice to at least get an acknowledgement of it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59i-9...b6AUAAAAAAABAA
I think we may be using different terminology or are looking for different things here. I double checked the archon aura animations and they're all playing them. Even in the video you posted there are cast animations for each of the spells you cast.
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- Do you mean how even as 51 cholo I get flagged as dps or as 51 archon I'm flagged as dps ? D: Cus that happens a lot and I wish I'd get a support flag. D:
Do you really have a 51 Chloro build that gets flagged as dps? Did you mean support on that one?
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