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Hey all, Hereís the next iteration on the bug thread. Iím sure Iíve missed a few, but hereís the unresolved issues I pulled out of the last thread. Let me know if Iíve missed anything or if there are new ones to be looked at.
  • Burning Bright doesnít appear to be giving the appropriate bonus.
    I still need to double check this on a live server after the update. When I tested this yesterday on my server everything checked out with it in PVP and PVE.
  • Damage is down even with stats boosted.
    Iím looking into this. Iíve been comparing numbers against some parses I ran several weeks ago and Iím not seeing a significant difference. Can some of you who are seeing this difference fill me in on what build youíre running?
  • The immunity portion of Wild Abandon isnít working correctly.
    I havenít had a chance to look into this one. Is everyone seeing problems with it?
  • Charged Shield damage can break CC effects even when procced off of melee or instant attacks with no travel time.
    Iím still working on this one. Iím not sure there is going be a good fix for it, but Iíll let you all know before anything changes.
  • Channel bars are disappearing while channeling.
    Is anyone seeing this after the update? I havenít been able to reproduce it yet, so let me know if youíre still seeing it.
  • Flame Jet doesnít work when used in a macro.
    I havenít tried to repro this on yet. Iíll take a look and pass it on if Iím able to get it to happen for me. Unfortunately this wouldnít be something I can fix myself.
  • Icy Carapace wonít ďexplodeĒ if cast while Elemental Forces is active.
    This should be fixed with todayís update.
  • Earth damage from Elemental Forces wonít cause Icy Carapace to explode.
    Iíve figured out why this is happening, but havenít come up with a good fix for it yet.
  • Depending on how points are spent role icons for a build can be incorrect (Chloro and Archon in particular)
    This is another one that I know why itís happening, but finding a good solution is problematic.
  • Living Energy stays toggled on even if overwritten by another ability, causing it to no longer have an effect.
    There isnít currently a way for me to fix this. Iím working on getting something in for it, but donít have an estimate on it yet.
  • Grasping Void is useless in PVP.
    I havenít been back to revisit this one. Itís still on the radar, but hasnít made it back to the top of the list.
  • Warlock Magical Affinity doesnít increase the Charge gained from Void Life.
    Another one that I havenít revisited in a while. I think I should be able to take care of this one though.
  • Disorient doesnít apply damage if the target is immune to CC.
    I donít have a good way of fixing this still, though its been a while since I looked at it.
Upcoming Fixes
  • Haunting Pain is getting set to give Charge when cast.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Fire Shield having a possibility to proc on incorrect abilities.
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