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Can we assign things like SetVisible(bool), move, resize, etc, or are these just anchor points?
Just anchor points - they're read-only. I'd like to add the ability to move and hide them, but that obviously isn't in 1.7.
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Are there Events for the UI.Native frames?
Yes - Move, Size, Layer, Strata, and Loaded.
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Some of the frames do not clearly indicate what they are, like Accolade, ConsoleX, Ctf, and others. Maybe some people can guess, but is there a way to Print or Debug what each of these do?
Documentation didn't really make it in. There's no official list, but I'll see if I can get some documentation added on the PTS, which would obviously apply to live as well.Accolade is the pane that shows PvP accolades (like "killing streak", and the like.) ConsoleX is your chat consoles. Ctf is the pane used in Whitefall Steppes to list flag information. If you're confused about others, let me know!
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Is this a complete list? Just wondering because I don't see something that infers nameplates, for example.
This is a complete list at this time. Nameplates, if they're ever provided (and no guarantees on this - they present quite a lot of challenge to avoid exploits) will be provided through some other mechanism. Other frames may be added to UI.Native in time, although this is *mostly* a complete list as of right now.
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Even if we can't alter the native frames, we should be able to duplicate them in some way. Might not be perfect, but it is a start. Makes me wonder, for example, could we put spells, items, and abilities into a new frame that is anchored to UI.Native.BarMain?
Well, technically, you can already duplicate them in some way . . . you can make your own frame that acts the same way :V That's likely the best we can offer, though.With the secure frame macro support you could absolutely put spells, items, and abilities in a new addon window, then anchor that to UI.Native.BarMain. I believe you could now provide drop support with *.Cursor(), though obviously not in combat. (If you can't, let me know what's missing - that's one of the intended use cases for *.Cursor().)I'm trying to come up with a good way that I can provide the internal names for our core textures. Once I do, that'll make it much easier to make native-lookalike UI elements.
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