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My wife and I just completed the River of Souls chronicle, and have a few issues to note: 1) I obtained the achievement for completing the chronicle shortly after talking to Plutonus. 2) My wife did not get credit for downing the first boss of the chronicle, even though both of us were alive, and actively participated in his death. 3) After completing the chronicle's story path, and teleporting back to the beginning, we decided to look around for the rare boss spawn and the treasure chest. We found the boss, but wiped on the trash when we pulled two groups and healer (my wife) got feared. After running back in from the graveyard, the boss had vanished, but there were still trash mobs about. We also found the second boss of the instance, in a glitched state where he would instantly regen any health lost when we attacked him. I'm not entirely sure this post is in the correct place, but I would appreciate some kind of feedback on these issues.
Thanks for the report - we've passed the details on to the team to check out why this might have happened. The first issue will be fixed shortly, we've already sorted it out internally - cheers!
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