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By live server, do you mean, the PTS ? If you want to test my add-on on a dev machine, let me know we'll work something out.
I mean servers that are open to connections from the outside
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How would I add a delay without resorting to a busy-wait loop (which coincidentally crashes the client) ? I might have overlooked something. Lua doesn't offer out of the box sleep commands which I would have throttled to something close to 3 seconds between each post.
Hook Event.System.Update.End and check each frame whether it's time to wake up. There might be a more generalized library available to make this cleaner, or there might not be.
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Problem isn't with retrying, the problem is that the loop breaks when the error occur.
I'm going to guess that the loop doesn't actually break, it's just that every command afterwards is ignored. Add a print() statement inside the loop to verify this. Keep in mind that you'll never get a server response before returning from the Lua environment - all of those auction messages are sent out before any response could possibly arrive.
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