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1.6 to 1.7 changelist: NEW FEATURES: * Added *.Auction.* * Added *.Currency.* * Added *.Interaction.* * Added *.Mail.* * Added *.Queue.*. Throttled functions will no longer halt the Lua environment until they can be sent, they will instead call the queue handler. * Added *.Stat.* * Added UI.Native.*. This contains a bunch of Native frames (inherited from Layout) that represent Rift's default UI frames. Using these, you can attach UI elements to Rift native frames, as well as reorganize the render order of native frames compared to addon frames. Note that there are still known issues with some dialogs, and most dialogs are not currently aligned properly, but please report any bugs you may encounter. * Added *.TEMPORARY.Role. As the name should indicate, this function and event will not exist forever - it's intended as a holdover until the full soul tree API is added. This allows you to detect what role a player is using, as well as get an event when the player's role changes. * Reintroduce os.time, os.date, os.difftime. * Inspect.*.Detail functions will now accept tables with the query target in the value. If that target is found, the result will preserve the original key. * Added Inspect.Tooltip() and Event.Tooltip. * Made Native:SetLayer() and Context:SetLayer() change the relative ordering of dialogs in the main Rift UI. * Introduce :GetStrata() and :SetStrata(), for Element and Native. Strata can be thought of as an entire set of layers - a dialog in an earlier strata will be rendered first, no matter what the layer is. * Added Layer and Strata frame events to Element and Native, which can be used to detect when layers change. * Added .aggro and .blocked flags to the result of Inspect.Unit.Detail(). Added Event.Unit.Detail.Aggro and Event.Unit.Detail.Blocked. * Added casterName/targetName members to all combat events. BREAKING CHANGES: * The "trash" rarity has been renamed to "sellable". * :SetLayer() on a Context that has not been reparented will now control the context's layer relative to native Rift UI. Unfortunately, this means that a Context's layer will now change on its own, based on the player's interaction with dialogs. If you were relying on a Context's layer to be unmodified, your code will break. SORT OF BREAKING CHANGES: * Inspect.Buff.Detail is no longer guaranteed to include the exact right tooltip text in "description" - the numbers may be incorrect. The flag "descriptionComplete" will be added if the numbers are correct. Proper tooltip text can now be requested with Command.Buff.Describe(), and the arrival of that text (or removal of it, if the internal buffers get full) can be detected with Event.Buff.Description(). This is sort-of-breaking because, while it was guaranteed to work before, it didn't actually work - this is making the documentation conform to the actual behavior, and adding some functions that let addons request data that they previously could not. NONBREAKING CHANGES: * "1.7" is now a valid environment for addons. * Improved documentation for hardware event requirements, interaction flag requirements, and errors caused by the lack of those two things. * Added the "player" flag to the specialcase table returned by Inspect.Unit.Detail("player") when detailed player info is unavailable. * The word "spec" in documentation has been replaced by "specifier", to avoid ambiguity with the idea of "soul specs". * Significantly reduced CPU overhead of nonrendered or nonmoving frames. This is a complicated and somewhat risky change - please test your addons and watch for frame rendering and updating issues. * Improved performance of Text:Set*() functions if the thing being set is not actually changing. * When querying an actual item, Inspect.Item.Detail() will now always include .stack if it includes .stackMax. * Addons in the addon manager now use a case-insensitive sort. BUGFIXES: * Fixed some crashes with :SetParent(). * Internal factions will no longer be shown by the addon system. * Setting a frame's MouseoverUnit to "mouseover" will no longer result in crashes when mouseovering that frame. * The ability system will now properly give detailed information on planar attunement and role abilities. * Inspect.Item.Detail() will now properly list stats for lesser essences. * Fixed an issue with the addon dialog's checkbox behavior when using addons whose identifier does not alphabetize the same way as its name. * Fixed some minor grammar issues in documentation. * Event.Chat.Notify will now trigger on more types of boss broadcasts, including those inside Drowned Halls. * Duplicate temporary runes will now show up as two buffs, not as a single buff with two stacks. * Fixed minor visual issues in the addon manager window. DIFF:
 Basic globals: 	os.date 	os.difftime 	os.time   Inspectors: 	Inspect.Auction.Detail 	Inspect.Currency.Category.Detail 	Inspect.Currency.Category.List 	Inspect.Currency.Detail 	Inspect.Currency.List 	Inspect.Interaction 	Inspect.Mail.Detail 	Inspect.Mail.List 	Inspect.Queue.Handler 	Inspect.Queue.Status 	Inspect.Stat 	Inspect.TEMPORARY.Role 	Inspect.Tooltip   Commands: 	Command.Auction.Bid 	Command.Auction.Cancel 	Command.Auction.Post 	Command.Auction.Scan 	Command.Buff.Describe 	Command.Mail.Delete 	Command.Mail.Open 	Command.Mail.Pay 	Command.Mail.Return 	Command.Mail.Send 	Command.Mail.Spam 	Command.Mail.Take 	Command.Queue.Handler   Utilities: 	Utility.Auction.Cost 	Utility.Mail.Cost   Native frames: 	UI.Native.Ability 	UI.Native.Accolade 	UI.Native.Achievement 	UI.Native.AchievementPopup 	UI.Native.Adventure 	UI.Native.Ascend 	UI.Native.Attunement 	UI.Native.Auction 	UI.Native.Bag 	UI.Native.BagBank1 	UI.Native.BagBank2 	UI.Native.BagBank3 	UI.Native.BagBank4 	UI.Native.BagBank5 	UI.Native.BagBank6 	UI.Native.BagBank7 	UI.Native.BagBank8 	UI.Native.BagInventory1 	UI.Native.BagInventory2 	UI.Native.BagInventory3 	UI.Native.BagInventory4 	UI.Native.BagInventory5 	UI.Native.Bank 	UI.Native.BankGuild 	UI.Native.BarBottom1 	UI.Native.BarBottom2 	UI.Native.BarBottom3 	UI.Native.BarBottom4 	UI.Native.BarBottom5 	UI.Native.BarBottom6 	UI.Native.BarMain 	UI.Native.BarPet 	UI.Native.BarSide1 	UI.Native.BarSide2 	UI.Native.BarSide3 	UI.Native.BarSide4 	UI.Native.BarTemporary 	UI.Native.Breath 	UI.Native.Buffbar 	UI.Native.Castbar 	UI.Native.Character 	UI.Native.Chronicle 	UI.Native.Coinlock 	UI.Native.Console1 	UI.Native.Console2 	UI.Native.Console3 	UI.Native.Console4 	UI.Native.Console5 	UI.Native.Console6 	UI.Native.Console7 	UI.Native.ConsoleSetting 	UI.Native.Crafting 	UI.Native.Ctf 	UI.Native.Guest 	UI.Native.Guild 	UI.Native.GuildCharter 	UI.Native.Import 	UI.Native.Keybind 	UI.Native.Layout 	UI.Native.Lfg 	UI.Native.Loot 	UI.Native.Macro 	UI.Native.MacroIcon 	UI.Native.MacroSlash 	UI.Native.Mail 	UI.Native.MailRead 	UI.Native.MapMain 	UI.Native.MapMini 	UI.Native.MechanicPlayer 	UI.Native.MechanicTarget 	UI.Native.Menu 	UI.Native.MessageEvent 	UI.Native.MessageStandard 	UI.Native.MessageText 	UI.Native.MessageWarfront 	UI.Native.MessageZone 	UI.Native.Notification 	UI.Native.Notify 	UI.Native.PortraitFocus 	UI.Native.PortraitGroup1 	UI.Native.PortraitGroup2 	UI.Native.PortraitGroup3 	UI.Native.PortraitGroup4 	UI.Native.PortraitParty1Pet 	UI.Native.PortraitParty2Pet 	UI.Native.PortraitParty3Pet 	UI.Native.PortraitParty4Pet 	UI.Native.PortraitPet 	UI.Native.PortraitPlayer 	UI.Native.PortraitTarget 	UI.Native.PortraitTargetTarget 	UI.Native.Quest 	UI.Native.QuestStickies 	UI.Native.Question 	UI.Native.Raid 	UI.Native.RaidGroup1 	UI.Native.RaidGroup1Pet 	UI.Native.RaidGroup2 	UI.Native.RaidGroup2Pet 	UI.Native.RaidGroup3 	UI.Native.RaidGroup3Pet 	UI.Native.RaidGroup4 	UI.Native.RaidGroup4Pet 	UI.Native.RaidParty 	UI.Native.RaidPartyPet 	UI.Native.Reactive 	UI.Native.Recall 	UI.Native.Respec 	UI.Native.Rift 	UI.Native.Roll1 	UI.Native.Roll2 	UI.Native.Roll3 	UI.Native.Roll4 	UI.Native.Setting 	UI.Native.Social 	UI.Native.Soul 	UI.Native.Split 	UI.Native.Ticket 	UI.Native.Tip 	UI.Native.TipAlert 	UI.Native.Tooltip 	UI.Native.TooltipAnchor 	UI.Native.Trade 	UI.Native.Tray 	UI.Native.Treasure 	UI.Native.Trial 	UI.Native.Upgrade 	UI.Native.Warfront 	UI.Native.WarfrontLeaderboard 	UI.Native.World   Events: 	Event.Auction.Scan 	Event.Buff.Description 	Event.Currency 	Event.Interaction 	Event.Mail 	Event.Queue.Status 	Event.Unit.Detail.Aggro 	Event.Unit.Detail.Blocked   UI: 	Native: Inherits from Layout 		Members: 			GetLayer 			GetLoaded 			GetSecureMode 			GetStrata 			GetStrataList 			SetLayer 			SetStrata 		Events: 			Layer 			Loaded 			Strata 	Frame: Inherits from Element 		Members: 			GetStrata 			GetStrataList 			SetStrata 		Events: 			Layer 			Strata
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