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NEW FEATURES: * Added .aggro and .blocked flags to the result of Inspect.Unit.Detail(). Added Event.Unit.Detail.Aggro and Event.Unit.Detail.Blocked. * Added casterName/targetName members to all combat events. NONBREAKING CHANGES: * Addons in the addon manager now use a case-insensitive sort. BUGFIXES: * Event.Chat.Notify will now trigger on more types of boss broadcasts, including those inside Drowned Halls. * Duplicate temporary runes will now show up as two buffs, not as a single buff with two stacks. * Fixed minor visual issues in the addon manager window. * Fixed a visual issue involving a moving frame with an unmoving child. This fixes an incompatibility with the Archimedes addon. DIFF:
 Events: 	Event.Unit.Detail.Aggro 	Event.Unit.Detail.Blocked
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